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Vision statement:

Uniting to improve the Economic and Social prosperity of African and Caribbean businesses in the UK and abroad. Our ValuesWe believe that every person should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, through improving their economic and social position.

Taccert is a conduit for facilitating economic and social mobility for those seeking to engage and contribute to the economic development of our communities through businesses.We aim to achieve high standards in our relationship with our members, business partners and the community for the furtherance of promoting economic and social equality and equity.We will foster a climate which empowers individuals and facilitate business innovation through offering professional and personal development business training.

Our purpose:

To identify opportunities for stimulating the business economy and business growth within the African and Caribbean community, by forging business partnership. Providing a platform in which African and Caribbean business can share information and access business advice. We aim to identify gaps in provision and seek funding to create innovative new programmes to enable more adult learners to progress, improve their skills and realise their full potential as aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

We aim to work with partners that share the same values and goals in promoting economic and social equalities. We also work with local business, voluntary organisations to support their development and ensure that the African and Caribbean community are empowered are competent in effectively competing within the Global market.

Quality of Services

Our services are tailored to maintain a high standard of services, with our clients, members and partners. We will endeavour to collaborate in the best interest of the business community and their prospective clients and customers.

By ensuring:

  • Identifying skills gap
  • Identify training and development needs of the business community
  • Provide professional and business networks to foster collaboration and partnership Share best practice, knowledge and experience to improve the quality of services and the experience of customers accessing the services.
  • Advocate for African and Caribbean businesses to ensure that there is equity in accessing community resources.
  • Provide information on economic policies and social policies that impact on the economic prosperity of African and Caribbean businesses. A mechanism in which public and private institutions can consult with the African and Caribbean business community on economic and social policies